Who am I?

Once upon a time….. I was married, had a corporate job and lived a typical American life. Then bam! I had a powerful dream that prompted me to dive into the first of many entrepreneurial ventures and crumble all elements of my disconnected mainstream life. 14002587_10155086441973835_677838131_o


In 2010, I got divorced, traveled Europe solo, and returned home to fall in love with my best friend (Kris!) of many years. 

My first solo ventures were centered around women’s health:

Not too long after….came The Real Food Club, a menu full of delicious, healthy treats.


Favorite creative outlet….Web design. It took me many months to get my own website to the point where I felt like it was a true, clear expression of what I had to offer. Once I reached that point, I felt such a huge weight lifted that I wanted to help others get to the heart of their business and express their vision clearly with an original, unique website. 

Lastly, over at Cock and Crow…. I writepodcast, write e-books, and generally overshare. I also co-created a badass e-course: Reality Rehab – Your Road Map to a Life of Freedom.


Making lists. Drinking Earl Grey.


Olives. Cleaning behind the toilet.


Taking more baths. Reading Savage Love.


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