The Narrows: Day 3 – Sunday August 14th

Today we got up to do The Narrows hike. We all had our asses kicked from Angel’s Landing the day before, but The Narrows hike is way easier and almost all through water. We were leaving camp and Kris noticed my dirty underwear on the ground. He said, “I wonder if a squirrel is gonna chew the crotch outta yer panties.”

Danielle was walking and said, “Oh my legs….oh my back….oh my everything.”

The Narrows was really amazing. You’re just down in this narrow canyon wading through this river bed. Sometimes the water was waist high, and in some parts Danielle and I could barely stand. It was so amazingly beautiful though. We rounded a corner and there was a shaded area out of the way with a bunch of soft sand. We laid down and rested and snacked for a while. It was crazy to look up and see the walls of the canyon and think of the flash floods that have come through there and killed people. We didn’t take our cameras because of the water factor so unfortunately I don’t have any pictures of this part.