Arriving in Germany

Day 25 Wednesday, October 2nd Germany

Today we got up at the ass fucking crack of dawn. The sun wasn’t even up. We said goodbye to Sarah, bundled up, and walked down to the bus stop to head to the airport. Look at my boo in the early morning time:


The flight was easy, and it was so nice to arrive in Germany with a friend to pick us up from the airport. Very relaxing to not have to figure out a bus or a train or directions or anything.

We made the two hour trek back to his house and it was a really nice drive, though I slept most of the way. His house was just beautiful. Totally modern, tons of natural light and earthy tones. Shortly after we got home, his wife arrived with their two young daughters – blonde haired adorable little German girls. We all sat at their huge wood table and had lunch together.

Later on we took a walk from their house through the forrest. It was so beautful:


Then we walked by their daughter’s preschool:


That’s the preschool. The woods, basically. They just play outside all day and they have snacks in that little circle of wood benches. They only go inside that container building if it’s extreme weather. But even if it’s raining or snowing – they just put on their outdoor gear and keep playing. The youngest daughter showed me the pee tree where the little girls pee – they have a piece of fabric tied around it so you grab one of the fabric handles and just sort of squat and pee. How cute is that? Also, there are no toys at the Kindergarten. Like, at all. They just play outside and play with what the find in the woods. I think this is all so fantastic. Makes for beautiful, imaginative, playful children.

The girls were just young enough that the 100% language barrier didn’t matter. We all guesttered and pointed and even played a board game together that didn’t require words. It was so fun and they are both super adorable.

That night we gathered at their big table again and had a little buffet for dinner of bread, cheese, sausage, pickled beets, sliced veggies and other fun fixins. After the girls went to bed, the four of us stayed up talking and drinking wine in candlelight, keeping warm in their beautiful living room in front of their wood burning stove.