Breakfast in London, Dinner in Dublin

Day 32 Wednesday October 9th London & Dublin

This morning we walked through Greenwich Park and had lunch at a lovely french cafe before flying to Dublin:


Our airbnb hosts in Dublin were fantastic- they are super into natural health and healing and we had a lot to talk about.

That night we had dinner at a totally classic Dublin pub. It was dark lit by candles and fireplaces, there was a beautiful wood bar, big chandeliers, it was way cool. The food was fantastic: Guinness pie and seafood chowder. And Kris had a house brewed beer:



I Pissed in Their Drinking Glass

Day 29 & 30 Sunday & Monday, October 6th & 7th London

This morning we left the weird hostel place ASAP. It totally smelled like piss right outside our “cabin” door because we had been peeing in a drinking glass and dumping it in the grass outside our door all night long. Ha! There was no fucking way we were going to put on clothes, trek out into the cold across the backyard and tip toe into the house to use their tiny gross bathroom every time we had to piss.

We headed to Bill’s – the host we had stayed at in London at the beginning of our trip. I was feeling a little under the weather, but not wanting to admit it.

We dropped our things at Bill’s, had lunch and got ourselves settled.

Then we decided to see a movie, since I wasn’t feeling so great, but we still wanted to get out and do something. I’m so glad we did!

The walk to the movie theater was just gorgeous – basically all through Greenwich Park, which popped us out into an area that we hadn’t yet explored. The movie theater was an independent “picture house” so it was super cute. And the chairs were like giant recliners – way more comfortable than regular movie seats. We saw “Rush” and I actually really liked it!

Afterwards we walked around downtown Greenwich and it is just a classic cute little London neighborhood. It’s also right along the water. We ended up eatign dinner at Bryon Proper Hamburger. I had a portobello muchroom burger and it was one of the best thigns I have ever put in my mouth. I love how, no matter where you go to eat, if you order tea – it is served properly. Even at a burger joint. Tea cup, saucer, lovely tea pot, etc.

Bill actually had airbnb guests that night, but was nice enough to let us “couch surf” on his comfy sectional sofa in the living room

Day 30

Ugh. Today I woke up and was so sick I couldn’t get off the couch. My boyfriend took care of me all day. We stayed inside the house all day and I drank tea and soup and slept and that all I could manage. Bleh.

Breakfast in London, Dinner in Rome

Day 13 Friday, September 20th London & Rome

This morning we had a lovely walk along the river on our way to the tube station. We had some trouble finding the station – it’s always my instinct to ask people, but Kris is so tethered to his phone. But whatdoyaknow! Asking an actual human is faster 🙂 A nice guy sitting on his front stoop pointed us in the right direction.

I don’t if it was because it was early and we were delirious or what, but everything was crackgin us up. A little girl and her parents walked by us. I said, “Ohmygawd that little girl was so cute” and Kris giggled and said, “That little girl grabbed that guys cock” (an accident, as she was reaching for his hand). We laughed about that for minutes.

We walked across Tower Bridge, which was super fun and scenic, and made our way to The Kitchen. We sat outside and this adorable German kid was our server. He had the cutest gay German accent ever. Loved him. Kris had the full English breakfast and I ordered toast with peanut butter. They brought me a pile of a toast and a giant jar of peanut butter. Ha!


I said: Are you gonna poop here? Because, I mean, you’re going to have to poop in public at some point today, right?
Kris: Yeah. I’ve been thinking about that for a while. That at some point today, I’d be walking around with a dirty asshole. It’s not the pooping in public per se, it’s the dirty butt part that I hate.
Katie: Dude. I’ve been wearing the same underwear for two days. It’s like I have a grilled swiss cheese sandwich between my legs. A dirty vag is way worse than a dirty butthole.

Then we hopped on a train to the airport and flew to Rome. The sandwiches we had bought to take on the plane were so delicious. I had a baguette with caramelized sweet onions and thick “mature” cheddar that I would eat every single day. So yummy.

Katie: Fuck. I can’t wait to take a shower.
Kris: I can’t wait to wash my ass.
Katie: I can’t wait to wash my everything
Kris: You better make sure to get that mouse trap in your pants.

A few minutes later I said: “You know what would’ve been funny? Instead of “mouse trap?” Fondue pot.
Kris: Ahahaha. Gross.
Katie: Cuz then I could’ve asked you if you wanted to dip your stick in my fondue pot.

We hopped on a bus from the Rome Airport to the center of town and walked over to our airbnb host’s house from there.

He was a super sweet Italian guy – showered us the room, gave us the keys and we never saw him again so it was like having the whole place to ourselves. The room was spotless and had everything we could’ve needed. It had an awesome loft bed that was very comfy. The bathroom looked like a little space ship – small, but super modern, efficient and clean. We freshened up and then started our epic walk to this pizza place Kris had seen Anthony Bourdain rave about: Pizzarium.

It was worth the walk. The pizza was amazeballs and everyone that worked there was so fucking nice. They had such interesting combinations like pine nuts and caramelized peppers, or potatoes, cheese and melted butter. Super yum.


We started our epic walk back home and I barely made it. We walked over 5 miles. I don’t think I’ve ever done that in my life. I am officially obsessed with food.

A Secret Garden

Day 12 Thursday, September 19th London

Went back to Black Vanilla today for more euphoria via their gelato. I took these adorable pictures of my boyfriend as he was sitting in the window people watching



and this one, while we were walking to the VodaPhone store


We left Bill’s and went to meet our couch surfing host, Sally, who lives on a boat. Look how cute her boat is!


She had little vignettes like this in every nook and cranny


This is our sleeping nest


We walked through an absolutely beautiful park that had a little secret garden in the middle


And then we had dinner at The Yellow House. Everything is freshly made in house. Kris’ pizza was insane and our dessert was so delicious – fudgy brownie with home made white chocolate ice cream on top.

Afterwards we went back and hung out on the boat with Sally and her neighbor, Dave. Dave was awesome. He totally “got” us. He used to work for Exon and made tons of money and traveled the world, but soon realized that he was just another robot, totally expendable and meaningless. He quit, bought a boat, went back to school and did lots of traveling. He has a house in Brighton and invited us there on our way back through England.

It was such a fun scene on the boat – crammed in this tiny space, drinking wine, listening to Billie Holiday on the record player, talking about world travels and the meaning of life.

A Special Kind of Hell

Day 10 – Tuesday, September 17 – Travel Day, Manchester to London

This morning was bittersweet as it was our last with James. We weren’t in a rush though, so we got to hang out a bit before it was time to leave. I made coffee in the french press that Kris drank, but James dumped out because it was too weak. Ha! I can’t seem to make a decent cup of coffee or tea for that guy.

We left around 11 and James said we were welcome back anytime, to call him if we needed anything – if we lost our wallets and needed money or our plans fell through and we needed to come back. He is just the greatest guy. A real friend for life.

Kris was feeling the funk so we stopped to get some garlic cloves to put up his butt and some effervescent vitamin c.

We stopped for lunch at Teacup on Thomas. It seemed really funny to me – Kris going to the bathroom to put garlic up his ass at a proper tea house.

The food was delicious and we had the same hot waitress wearing the same tight pants as before that Kris was drooling over.

We got to the bus station and realized we didn’t have our bus ticket number. There was no wi-fi in the station so Kris ran back to the public square that had wi-fi and I stayed in line to get on the bus. It took him a while and he came back unsuccessful. I went up to the ticket window, but there was nothing they could do. I mean – I’m sure there was, but they were assholes. A girl in line heard us talking back and forth and she offered her smart phone so we could pull up our email. Brilliant! I am glad she offered because I hadn’t even thought of that. If we’re ever in that situation again I’ll just ask someone if they have a phone we could use. She was the sweetest.

We weren’t too far back in line but we still didn’t get to sit together. That kind of sucked, only because the bus is cramped so if I’m going to be squished next to someone, I’d rather it be my hot boyfriend. Oh well. At least I was on the aisle. Across the aisle from me was a real beast of a woman – chubby, sweaty, nasty, in ill fitting sweat pants, a giant sweat shirt, dirty sneakers, a greasy frizzy ponytail and a bag full of crap food and drinks. She had a terrible British accent and seemed to be drunk. I wish I could’ve gotten video of her.

The bus ride ended up being not so bad, but I was ready to get off by the time we got to London 5 hours later. I had a headache, was tired, dirty, hungry and sick of carrying my backpack around. Although thank fuck I just had the one back pack. I couldn’t imagine lugging around any more.

The bus dropped us in a huge station in London (akin to Grand Central or Penn Station), but little did we know – we were dropped in a little annex building of the main station. But we didn’t know that. So we’re wandering around the annex and we can’t find anything or anyone to ask. Every one we do ask is totally out of it and can’t help us. We got to the main building of the main station, but it was under construction and there was no signage, so it didn’t look like we were in the main station – it looked like we were in a shopping mall. You had to go around some secret corner to get to the hall way that led to the main station. And even there – it was awful. The signage was terrible, the British bastard at the ticket counter was a total condescending fucking asshole who clearly hated tourists. We finally got wi-fi so we googled a route, but little did we know – google does not differentiate between the different trains. It just says “take the train” but there are three different types of trains in London – the over ground, the under ground and the national rail.

We walked back and forth between the annex and the main station several times because we kept getting pointed by someone to go back. It was just awful. A giant lesson in how crucial planning ahead of time is. We should’ve worked this all out before we even left Manchester. I hate getting off a train in a new place and not knowing what the fuck to do next. I like to know exactly where I’m supposed to go and exactly how to get to my next destination.

Long story longer, we walked back and forth between the two stations and a ton of unhelpful idiots trying to figure out what the fuck to do for over two hours. Two hours of mind numbing mind fucking hell. After finally finding someone who was actually helpful and amazing, we got on the train (it was the last train and we literally ran onto it as the doors were closing) and then found our bus and with help from another stranger (since the bus driver was a douchebag) we arrived at our host’s house – 3.5 hours after our bus arrived (it should’ve taken us an hour or less). Even just finding the house was difficult. We were on the street, but we were looking for unit #10. Of course there was unit 1-9 facing the street. Where the fuck was 10? Ok, maybe it’s upstairs? How the fuck do you get upstairs? We wander around back of the building and find a back door. There’s a call box next to the door that has 4 buttons. The first one is for unit 12, the second one for unit 11, the third and fourth ones aren’t labeled. Safe to assume to third one is for unit 10 and thank fuck it was. Couldn’t have been more confusing though.

Our host, Bill, was totally awesome. An adorable British bachelor with a super cute apartment who made us feel right at home. We freshened up and then went out for food because we were getting delirious. We went into the pub and the guy was so nice. He said the kitchen was closed, but he might be able to wrangle us up a piece of cake or something. We decided to try the Chinese food place across the street. Chinese people with British accents! So funny. And the food was fantastic.

We came back home and chatted with Bill for a bit exchanging host stories, which is always fun. Then we showered and dropped into bed.