What’s with grown men and their blankies?

Day 9 – Monday, September 16 Manchester & Buxton

This morning was super funny. James didn’t come home until 9 o’clock in the morning from his date, so when we woke up at 11 and stumbled into the living room (where he was sleeping) he was still rough as fuck from the night before.

We ended up hanging out with him for a couple of hours and having a super lazy morning since he was blowing off work. And again we watch British reality T.V. and made fun of it – particularly – that dating show where three girls make dinner for the same guy and then he rates them. So totally sexist and hilarious.

We bought James a blanket the second day we were here because he gave us his blanket and he was sleeping with some shitty mattress cover. Such a dude for you. But it turns out he totally fucking loves the blanket we bought him – it’s like kris with his little blanket “orangie”. Every time we see James on the couch he’s snuggled up to it – eating, watching T.V., sleeping – it’s so funny.

Eventually we made our way to the train station and went to Buxton – a nearby town that James recommended exploring.

We passed so many other cute looking towns on the way, like this one


Once we arrived, it was cold, rainy, and we were super hungry. First order of business was finding somewhere to have afternoon tea. We ended up going to the #6 Tea Room and it was super delicious – traditional finger sandwiches, huge scones with a big dish of clotted cream, and some yummy little pastries on the bottom. And a big pot of earl grey.

Afterwards we bundled up and walked through a big garden that was super quaint and picturesque



Then we came across a really beautiful cemetery. It was small and all of the grave markers were from the early 1800’s. Many of them were families buried all in the same grave. And lots of young children. It felt like going back in time, wandering through there, reading everyone’s head stones.


This is the beautiful opera house in town


And of course, another polite sign in the train station


We headed back to James’ for the evening and it turned out both James’ were home. We all made dinner and lounged on the couch talking and watching T.V. and having a great time. Then the James’ put on a British move called Dead Man’s Shoes. Fuck, it was great in the beginning – super funny, but towards the middle it got way graphic and I couldn’t stop thinking about it as I was going to sleep so I made Kris read out loud to me from his book, “Fargo Rock City” to distract me. That worked.


Rough as Fuck

Days 7 Saturday, September 14 Manchester

This weekend was totally fantastic. We had the best time at James’ place and he is just the greatest host and friend ever.

Saturday morning Kris and I were both a bit “roughed up” and James was “rough as fuck”, which comes out sounding like “roof as fook” with their awesome accent. That’s way more fun to say than “hung over”. We actually woke up to James knocking on our door saying that it was noon and the football game started two hours before he thought it did, so we needed to get up if we were going to go with him and watch it.

So we did. He actually left before us and we met him there. Made some quick eggs and coffee and stopped on the way to put a load of laundry in at the “launderette”. It was 3 pounds, or roughly $4.60 or a wash! Crazy, right? And 1 pound for every 15 minutes of time in the dryer. Totally worth it as travelers, but on the regular that would suck.

We met James at a cute little pub called Montpelliers and watched the end of the match. It was Manchester United vs Crystal Palace. Kris and James had this funny exchange:
Kris: Is Crystal Palace a city?
James: Hmmm, No – I think it’s a town.
Kris: What’s the difference?
James; Well, you can only be a city if you’ve got a Cathedral
Kris: That’s fucking weird
James: That’s England for ya, mate!

Afterwards Kris and I were hungry at about 3:30 – the absolute perfect time to have afternoon tea, as they don’t even start serving it until 2:30. I like how afternoon tea is really a thing over here. It’s not just some novel thing that we have americanized and ruined. Real British people regularly sit and have afternoon tea. We went to the most adorable little place called Teacup on Thomas.


After that we walked all around Manchester and saw some really great shit. It is a really adorable town.
This is just some random government building


Other side of the building


Everything in England is proper


And all of the signage is so polite! BTW – this photo was taken by Kris as he was actively shitting


Isn’t Manchester so cute? Little pubs like this on every corner


A bit later we went into a pub called Thomas’ Chop House because they were highly rated and had a dish called “lamb faggots”. We went up to the host stand and the host was an adorable British guy in a 3 piece suit. He said they were full at the moment – he had a table that was on dessert, but he was afraid they may linger and then we may miss being able to order food since their kitchen was closing soon. I asked if there was anywhere else in the area he recommended and he said they had a sister restaurant called “Sam’s” and he’s call over and see if they had room. That would just never happen in America. It just wouldn’t. Everyone is so totally genuine here and they treat you like an old friend. So, he called to the other place and told them we’d be coming. Then he walked us out of the restaurant so that he could show us how to get to the other one.

We walked in to Sam’s and the cute host guy there was expecting us. We waited just a few minutes and then sat and had the most amazing fish and chips EVER.

Just a couple of dorks, waiting for a table


Fish and chips in the front and chicken kiev in the back