A Home in a Box

Bwahahaha. This fucking writing prompt…..is funny to me because before I even read the prompt I was like, “Ok. Ima do this fucking prompt. Where am I gonna do it…..?”
I sat on the futon. No.
I went outside to sit on my porch since it was overcast and there wouldn’t be a glare on my screen.
But no. It felt too big, too wide open. And I was cold.
So I went to my bed, which I never do.
But the light in here is soft because there’s a palm-tree-like bush outside of my bedroom that I’ve been willing to grow taller for 5 fucking years and it finally has, and now it covers the window, thus – keeping the harsh Phoenix sun filtered instead of hitting my window strait on in a total assault.
Also. My room is small. And feels like a cave. And I have one of those super soft fleecy blankets in deep eggplant purple – the kind you get at Costco for $20. A friend of mine was getting rid of it when she moved. Who the fuck gets rid of a blanket like this? I never understood that.

I have konmari’d the fuck out of my entire life, but there are certain foundational items that I consider essential pieces that are not to be gotten rid of, ever:

Quality fucking blankets
Pillows, unless they nasty as shit
Nice sheets
Good towels
Anything organizational – lazy susans, plastic bins, baskets, etc.
Solid af kitchen equipment: knives, vitamix, espresso machine, burr grinder, ya know
10-15 books that have changed my life and are now part of a list labeled, “Books Every Human Needs to Read to Have an Entry Level, Solid Grasp of Reality & Humanity (The Continuum Concept….Way of the Superior Man….The Sex Diaries Project…..Cunt….to name a few)
Stylish lamps
Nice as fuck folding chairs
The expensive vibrator that my friend gave me in her divorce because she’d bought it with her then-husband and didn’t want to ever use again. (it’s the wee vibe, so it’s not specific to what you’ve got hanging – or not – between your legs) I didn’t care. It’s non-porous silicone, so it’s not like his asshole DNA was caked and crusted into it.

This is the kind of shit where
If I was going to travel or otherwise “get rid of my belongings”
I’d put everything off of that list in storage
And then feel like I had a “home in a box” that I could unpack and come back to and immediately set up house with upon my return

Maybe I’ll sell these as kits. Home in a box.

With instructions on the side of the box like a cake mix but instead of “add 1/4 cup oil and two eggs”, it would say: just add love and friendship. And maybe some cute curtains.

The timer literally went off right now. A prompt that initially didn’t really inspire me at all, turned out to be fucking perfectly timed and brilliant. Fuckin A, Jena. You brilliant, sexy babe. Prompt Perfection, once again.

Jena – Goldilocks. Home in a box. Just right. “And maybe some cute curtains.” Boom.

Joell – oh, dear Katie. You are a fresh breeze blowing through my closed up all winter house! “Who the fuck gets rid of a blanket like this? ” Exactly. Blankets. Linus understood that shit. (You aren’t too young to know about Linus from the Peanuts, are you?) …

Katie DiBenedetto Fuck no. Love me some Peanuts. I’ll do 20 minutes just for you next week ❤

Joell – Really??? Thank you! It’s like a belated Christmas present.

Stacy – Love this. When I first read what feels right, I totally thought of a fuzzy, cheap blanket. Doesn’t everyone? But the home in a box and just add love and friendship is the bomb. Thank you for making my morning!

Katie DiBenedetto Yes! Plus it’s fleece….but there’s like some serious weight to it. So it feels very comforting. It just engulfs you in it’s purple lusciousness.

Cami – I mean the fact that there’s a vibrator in there and all the important books. Yes; I would buy it, Katie. And I am in love with your edgey, down to earth, irreverant voice.

Murielle – Home in a box ❤ ❤ love it, I love how you listed and described everything that is important to you in your home. Also the beginning when you were describing where you went to work, I felt this resonance when you talked about going to your bedroom, like “yes, this feels right” that so conveyed, your sense of rightness and well being. So great, really liked this piece 🙂

Daniel – having listened to your latest “cock and crow” recording, Katie, i am coming around to enjoying your enthusiasm, your flying to the wind—after initially being startled by all the “fucks” and things that are my issue from when i grew up—-we are here to be free in any way we can—push the edges i hope—and i am glad you are here to write with!


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