I wouldn’t even consider tackling an uncut sandwich.

I have to…..

Get a closer look at every sunset. If I see a shimmer of color outside at dusk, I have to get out there and see as much as I can.

If it’s summer, and I’m doing a lot of walking – like I am right now in New York City – put my feet in any available source of water – fountains, splash pads, oceans, rivers, streams, puddles.

Actively restrain myself from putting my feet in the sink under the cold running water at every bathroom that I use. Because that’s not appropriate. And even I have limits. Unlike that woman plucking her eyebrows on the subway and flicking the hairs everywhere.

Adore my boyfriend literally every time he comes into my sight. I probably tell him I love him or think he’s hot 25 times a day. I don’t think he minds.

Have my sandwiches cut into 4 triangles. I am not a fan of other shapes. And I wouldn’t even consider tackling an uncut sandwich.

Instagram every beautiful latte I get, even if it is the same old leaf or flower. Latte art is amazing.

I get to…..

Spend the next ten weeks traveling around Europe. Savoring cappuccinos and wine and shepherd’s pie and croissants and cheese – did you know France has a cheese for every day of the year?

Sleep in the guest room of the two most adorable Spanish gay boys in Barcelona.

Take a bus along the Amalfi coast to stay with a couple who makes homemade ravioli for all of their guests.

Get on a plane today for 7 hours and have sexy Irish flight attendants serve me lunch on a partitioned tray – everything perfectly portioned and organized.

Have condom-less sex with my boyfriend again as soon as I get through another cycle and have this charting bullshit down.

Eat an Irish breakfast in Dublin tomorrow morning and a swanky dinner in Rome tomorrow night.

Return to Phoenix after heat has passed.

Sleep in
Poop regularly
Eat well
Help people


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