That’s why I don’t usually shop alone.

Day 5: The Fence

The first thing that came to mind with this prompt was the expression, “I’m on the fence”.

I’ve never been on the fence about any big decision in my life. Literally ever. Never.
I’ve never been at
A fork
Agonizing over option A or B
Left or right
Now or later

And I’ve done some big shit
Changing jobs
Quitting jobs
Investing money
Having an abortion
Getting married
Getting divorced

I was always super clear. No what ifs here.

But fuck. If you find me in the prepared food section at Whole Foods trying to pick out something for dinner……or standing in front of the freezer door trying to select a flavor of ice cream…..or at the meat counter trying to choose which cut…..or in the cheese section. The fucking cheese section…..

I’ll stand there for 15 minutes weighing the pros and cons.

I’m in the mood for this flavor now, but what if I get home and wish I would’ve gotten that one? That cheese looks great, but is this one a more practical choice? That salad looks yummy, but maybe this one will stay crisper overnight. The sandwich over there has my number….but maybe the wrap is a smarter choices…..this one has 9 grams of sugar and this one has 7…..

That’s why I don’t usually shop alone. I’ll wander around the store for an hour stuck in my own head. My boyfriend is the perfect voice of reason. He knows what I like. He’s firm, but tender. Persuading me, but not controlling me. Always making the perfect choice.

What more could I ask for?



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