Because life is a gift, and I accept. Ima live my ass off.

Day Four: Gifts

I am really good at accepting gifts. If someone’s offering, I’ll take it. If it’s free, I’ll try it. If you give it to me, I’ll accept it, with plesh. Even if I don’t want or need it. I’ll find somebody that does. My dad brings over heavy bacon biscuits and balls loaded with cheese and cream – I’ll take them with a big giant smile on my face. And then I’ll call my friend Heather who has 7 kids and have her come over and take them. People drop clothes at my house, or baby stuff, or boxes of DVDs. I’ll find somebody that needs them.

I love giving, too. Birthday cards, love notes, surprise books, hot dinners, compliments, my Netflix password. If I love you, you’ll know it.

Last night in the check out at Trader Joes, my favorite cashier – Monica – a loud, beautiful, chocolate lesbian – made a joke about me bringing her something back from Europe. She talked in her fun, deep, low voice that she puts on when we’re talking dirty and don’t want to customers waiting to hear. She said what she wanted wouldn’t it in my suitcase. I immediately thought, “Benedict Cumberbach”, and then I thought – oh no, she eats the pussy. Victoria Beckham? Nah, she probably doesn’t like twiggy white ladies who opt for elective c-sections. She wanted me to find a tall, shiny brown British beauty and bring her back with me.

It is now my summer goal to find said woman and at least take a selfie with her.

When Kris told her we were getting food for the plane tomorrow, Monica asked, “When do you guys get back?” And Kris said, “We’re spending the summer there.” And she jokingly said, “Oh my gawd, I bet you were just waiting to say that.” And I jokingly said, “I know – so pretentious, right?”

And it got me thinking how funny things like that are. Why we generally play down our exciting plans or accomplishments.

Like we don’t deserve them or don’t want to make people feel bad.

But what good does that do? It just helps keep everyone small.

Because what we’re doing – spending the summer in Europe, rocking our e-course we just released, loving the shit out of each other – it’s no accident. We’re not lucky. This is all happening because of our own determination and effort. It’s nothing anybody else couldn’t do, too.

If they really wanted it.

I want it.

I want it bad.

I’d rather work 24.7 for myself than work an hour in an office for somebody else.

Because life is a gift, and I accept. Ima live my ass off.

We’re watching this fucking great show right now called, “All or Nothing”. It’s a documentary style reality show that follows the Arizona Cardinals for a whole season. I HATE FOOTBALL.

But I love this show. The behind the scenes, the affection between the guys, their family lives, their support systems. It’s truly amazing and inspiring.

I said last night, “I know football players tend to die way younger, because they’re knocked around so much, but dang. They really live. I bet it’s so worth it. I bet there’s no football player alive that regrets playing.”


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