I feel like such a powerful creator in this moment.

1. Where in the world you are, what you’re wearing, eating, and/or drinking.
2. One thing you’re afraid of in this moment.
3. One thing that makes you feel powerful today.

#1. I am in Phoenix, AZ where it’s so hot that I barely even open the blinds anymore. I stay cocooned in my house, writing, creating. My adorable boyfriend is just now starting to stir. Neither of us are sleeping that well lately because we are wrapped up in a storm of creative thunder so it’s really hard to turn our brains off. I woke up before him and tip toed out so he could get every last minute of sleep that he could. Right now I am butt ass naked sitting on my living room futon with my laptop. We keep the futon folded out all the time so we just have this awesome bed/lounge space in our living room. Next to me is a beautiful saucer, on top of which rests a matching tea cup, inside of which is a perfectly brewed cup of loose leaf early grey tea with a scoop of homemade whipped cream and a spoon of raw honey. On the side is an incredibly perfect peach that I sliced into quartered sections, and a little square of an almond flour cake my dad made, didn’t like, and brought over to see if I liked it. I normally make an iced americano in the morning, but since I was the first one up and espresso shot making is so loud, I started with tea.

#2. Wow. Ok – this is such a cool feeling. I literally have been sitting here for 5 minutes trying to think of something. I assumed there’d be something. But I’ve got nothin. There is nothing specific I am afraid of at this moment in time. There is nothing that’s bothering me or troubling me. I feel at peace with it all.

#3. I feel like such a powerful creator in this moment. I have really taken my life by the balls these last couple of months and have made some incredible shit happen. I have written (or co-written I should say as it is very much a joint project) 93,000 words in the last two months. That equates to 331 pages, which we broke down into 19 modules for the baddest ass e-course ever of all time. It just poured out of me. It’s crazy too because the theme of the course is like – how to live like me: aka free Free from the judgements of others, free from the prescribed life, you know – free from all that shit. How to go from miserable cubicle monkey to the entrepreneur travelin’ type. So basically I took the last decade of my life and organized what I actually did to get there. Obviously I know it all in my bones because I’ve lived it, but to put it into words in a way that makes sense and is actionable for other people was a real exercise in mental clarity and it gave me SHIT TONS of clarity in my own life. And to see your life condensed in that way way is like – dang. That is really cool. There’s the sexual healing and the mindfulness practice and the self care and the friendships I let go of and the reprogramming and the money making and it’s all so clear to me now. I’ve taken my health into my own hands and got that in order. I’ve planned an epic rest-of-the-summer in the style of the way I want my future to be. And I feel like fucking BLOSSOM!? I didn’t even realize how perfect the name/theme of this group is. I am so on the verge of a gigantic transformation. I can feel it. The course opens Friday and then Sunday I leave on a 10 week European adventure. It’s like this is it. This is the beginning of the next phase of my life. A friend of mine texted me last night and was like – fuck – can you donate your time and your vagina on Thursday for my physical exam? (she’s getting her midwifery license and one of the final pieces is doing a full well woman exam and physical in front of a “judge”). And I was like fuck yes and then we were realizing that Thursday is the final piece of her big thing she’s been working towards and then they next day – Friday – my course opens and how fun and perfect the timing of it all is. Just a couple of badass bitches doing some badass shit like it ain’t no thang.



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