So many layers when you ask about home

So many layers when you ask about home
Where are you from?
Since when
How come
Do you mean where was I born?
lease to lease
box it up and start new
the same shit is unpacked
in a different place
in a new space
distracted for a minute
hang this here, move this there
the same thing in a different way
shit gets real
break it down, piece by piece
uncover the me I always knew I could be
underneath all the stories
let it go, clear the space
I was born into a doctors hands
in a hospital I cycle past every day
moving all around
until I settled down the street from where I started
I got comfortable, at home
for the first time
my placenta was born and disposed of here
is this why I’m finally at peace?
To be near that space again
where I was floating and growing
like all humans before me, after me
connected to the tree of life

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