Why do so many of us not want to talk about these things?

Oh man, I’m hot off watching Magic Mike XXL so I have lots of “why” shit floating around in my head.
Why does my 20 something year old sister not know about her vagina and her reproductive system? I know sex education sucks and most of the time is non-existent, but sometimes I’m smacked in the face with it. In her “progressive” sex ed in high school, they only talked about menstruation and STIs. I mean – better than nothing, but Christ not even a condom demo.
Why do so many of us not want to talk about these things? It’s so sad when really it is so easy to talk about them. Here I am with my boyfriend, my sister and her young friends talking about all the things – magnum condoms and if they’re actually bigger or if it’s just marketing, where to find the condoms at Costco (they only sell one kind, they’re kind of hidden – deep in the pharmacy section on a low shelf), what are period panties (I modeled mine and let them try them on), why are men and women turned on by such wildly different things, what are the first signs of pregnancy, and and and.
Why are we so afraid to touch our bodies? Checking our cervical fluid grosses most women out. And why? Because it’s easier to demonize our cunts than teach us about what’s going on with them and how powerful they are. Because if we’re taught that they’re gross then they can medicate us. Because if we don’t wanna touch our cunts – what are the options for preventing pregnancy? Pills or surgery. That’s pretty convenient and makes a lot of people a lot of money. There’s no money in tracking your cycles.
Why is Magic Mike XXL the fucking best movie ever? Why does it give me hope for the world? Why hasn’t everyone seen it? Because they think it’s “just” a movie about male strippers? It’s a movie about sexual healing, about guys having deep relationships with each other, about women asking for what they want, about guys being sweet and hard, about women being soft and powerful. Every time I watch it, I’m filled with hope for the future of the world.
 Like – if this is the direction we’re going, then maybe everything is going to be okay.

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