I wonder if people notice my pubic hair at the gym

I wonder how many ideas I will try before I hit on “the one”
I wonder how much longer I have to live

I wonder if I’ll end up fucking the hot foot fetish guy in London. I’ve had a crush on him for 3 years – since he stayed with us via Airbnb in 2013. We’ve remained in touch on Facebook and he even guest starred on our podcast. He’s just as sweet as can be. His fantasy is to have me give him a foot job, my fantasy is to have him rub my feet and feed me snacks. Kris thinks the whole thing is hilarious and is cheering my on from the sidelines.

I wonder if we will end up staying in Europe this summer. You know how you can technically have a business, but it’s not actually a business until you incorporate it or make an LLC or whatever? Like right now – I make money all kinds of different ways, but it’s all money paid directly to me. And then if you decide to register “it” as an LLC – you need an address. It can by any physical address. (this is more specific to online businesses, but – ) Maybe you live in New Orleans, and you list your business address as your mom’s house in Minnesota. Maybe it’s for tax purposes or because you think you might move soon or something. Well – did you know that you can register an LLC or incorporate a business in Europe, as an American? All you need is an address. And money, of course. For all the paperwork. This is really exciting to me. Through hosting people through Airbnb and Couchsurfing, I have all kinds of dear friends in European countries who would happily let me use their address. In talking to some other people about it – the address thing is their biggest hurdle. Because they don’t know anyone. And you can’t use a P.O. box. And it’s hard to rent an apartment if you’re not a citizen. It’s certainly an exciting thought.

I wonder where my next house will be. I have outgrown the house that I am in now, but have no actual urge to move until I can make a giant upgrade. To me, there is no point in moving to another rental house that’s just a slight upgrade. I’d rather save my time and efforts until I’ve got some huge influx of cash and have lots of options.

I wonder how my BodyTalk session with my dad will go. I wonder what it will shift and if he’ll be able to hear me and understand me better, deeper.

I wonder why foreign accents almost universally turn people on.

I wonder why I can’t get high. Why I don’t like to drink. Why I did LSD and and hated every moment of it. Why I don’t like to alter my reality and so many other people do.

I wonder if people notice my pubic hair at the gym when I walk in my bikini from the locker room to the pool to the sauna to the locker room. I could not give any less fucks about my pubic hair but I noticed my gigantic bush sprouting out of my bottoms and laughed at myself in the mirror. People probably don’t look that close at my crotch, but I picture the older uptight ladies shuddering.

I wonder why my boyfriend has so much more belly button lint than I do.

I wonder if I’ll have to buy another box of Costco condoms, or if I’ll have this whole tracking-my-fertility thing down by the time I run out.

I wonder if this whack ass food journey we’re on will lead us to answers. I kind of know that it will and I wonder what they will be. We’re 10 days in and I wonder how long it will take. Eating nothing but fruits and vegetables is psychologically challenging, but I feel so fucking good that’s it’s motivation to keep going. Plus it just feels right.

I wonder how I’ll be remembered after I die. I wonder if I’ll ever publish a best selling book or something else like that where I’ll have some sort of eternal tangible mark that is left after I turn back into stardust.

I wonder if I’ll ever get to snuggle and make out by someone as hot as David Boreanez. I wonder how much I’d have to pay him to play Agent Booth for me and make all my dreams come true. I plan to have that kind of money, so it could happen, and I’d just like to know a number.


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