The transition from light to dark

If I am inside for the sunset I feel like a caged animal.

I literally plan my day around it. Generally I am on my front porch for the sunset hour, or I am walking around my urban neighborhood.

There is something about the transition from sunlight to darkness that I feel deeply. There is a shift in me every day at that time from the energy of the sun to the let’s-make-a-cup-of-tea-and-run-a-bath vibe that is so necessary.

The last couple of years I have really gotten into the moon – paying attention to the waxing and waning cycles and the time of the moon rise – particularly the full moon rise. It always coincides with the sunset – the sun will set and then within 20 minutes the full moon will rise and every month we go out and stand on a mountain to witness it. Watching the buttery yellow full moon rise out of the desert landscape literally takes my breath away. I just can’t even believe it.

Some of the most memorable moments of my life and in my travels have to do with sunsets. Watching them on beaches or balconies or mountain tops or hotel rooms or airplanes.

Something about the rise and fall of the sun and the moon every day without fail is so comforting. It doesn’t matter what is going on….wars, deaths, tragedy, weather disasters, they’re out of cookie butter at Trader Joe’s – the moon will still rise, the sun will still set. The world continues going ’round.


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