What Girls Think About While A Guy is Going Down on Them. (or maybe it’s just me)

Ooooo, oh yeah. I like that. He’s licking my inner thigh. I wonder if it’s because it mentioned that in the “Top 15 tips for eating pussy” article earlier. Hmmmm….ass licking isn’t my favorite thing but I don’t not like it. I’m neutral to it so I don’t mind him doing it because I know he really likes it. Man, my taint is so thick. What an amazing muscle. I can’t imagine ripping that in child birth. Oh my god, birth. No. Don’t start thinking about birth right now. Wait. He just licked my asshole and now he’s licking my pussy. Can I get a UTI that way? Isn’t that how girls get UTI’s? From putting stuff that was in their butt directly into their pussy without washing it and the poo particles and all of that? Well, my ass was clean because I just showered. Oh, crap. I didn’t set a timer for those beans in the oven. They’re probably ok. I doubt it’s been 90 minutes. I wonder if I have the stuff to make the salad dressing. Oh, yeah. I like fingers inside of my pussy. I wonder if he put in one finger or two. Is it weird that I can’t tell? Should I be able to tell? I wonder if that means my vagina is loose because I can’t tell. Either way it feels good so that’s all that matters. I wonder what kind of sex we’re going to have after this. I kinda wanna get on top but I also wanna be pounded too. I wonder if my milk is defrosted so I can make my banana horchata. I really want to watch Sherlock. Why do I keep thinking about that show? I want a cold nectarine in my mouth right after this. I wonder if he has a boner right now. I wonder what he thinks about while he’s going down on me?

(by the way, shortly after I slipped into orgasmic bliss and wasn’t thinking about anything, but it definitely takes me a minute initially to wind down and my thoughts definitely are going a mile a minute for the first couple of minutes.)


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