11 Things You Maybe Didn’t Know About Me

1. After I poop, I wipe a couple of times, and then on the last pass I spit on the toilet paper and press the paper against my bee hole predominantly with my middle finger, so that my middle finger sort of dips into my bee hole and gets the last little bit of anything……wait. Doesn’t everyone do this?

2. One of my biggest pet peeves are processed vegan/vegetarian food products – they’re just water & gross oils + a bunch of artificial thickeners and stabilizers. Or toxic soy mush fake meat crap. This is worse to me than regular processed foods, because vegan/vegetarian processed food is marketed as the healthiest shit ever. And it’s so not. Just eat real food. Most vegan diets are way worse than mine, and I eat everything, just in whole form (raw milk, meat, nuts, produce, etc.)
3. Sometimes I spend large amounts of time photographing placentas, both in their raw state, and after I’ve made them into capsules. With the finished products in particular – capsules, cord, amnion, etc. – I will stage them with back drops & proper lighting and I’ll arrange them in all kinds of different set ups sometimes taking 100+ photos at a time.
4. I am very sensitive to my environment – improper lighting, unpleasant scents and smells, sounds, bad music or T.V., clutter, etc.
5. I clean when I am stressed and it always makes me feel better. Cleaning is a guarantee that I can accomplish something and have a physical result.
6. I am really, really good at being alone. I treasure any alone time that I get. I could spend a week home alone, not see a soul, never leave the house and it would be the best thing ever.
7. I hate anything that involves going uphill. Even if it’s as simple as being on my bike on a road with the slightest of inclines. I hate stairs. I hate hiking. It all sucks to me.
8. I LOVE buffets. The Whole Foods salad bar is my favorite. Or the buffet at the Wynn in Vegas.
9. If I have to buy a plane ticket to travel somewhere, I can’t fathom being away for less than two weeks. If I’m crossing an ocean, then at least three or four.
10. I first met my boyfriend when I was 13 and he was 22. We didn’t get together until I was 25 and he was 34.
11. Just about every night I’ll rub my finger on my vagina because I love how it smells. I always always try to get my boyfriend to smell it too, but he won’t. He likes smelling it in a sexual context, but not in general. I love smelling it all the goddamn time.

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