I Pissed in Their Drinking Glass

Day 29 & 30 Sunday & Monday, October 6th & 7th London

This morning we left the weird hostel place ASAP. It totally smelled like piss right outside our “cabin” door because we had been peeing in a drinking glass and dumping it in the grass outside our door all night long. Ha! There was no fucking way we were going to put on clothes, trek out into the cold across the backyard and tip toe into the house to use their tiny gross bathroom every time we had to piss.

We headed to Bill’s – the host we had stayed at in London at the beginning of our trip. I was feeling a little under the weather, but not wanting to admit it.

We dropped our things at Bill’s, had lunch and got ourselves settled.

Then we decided to see a movie, since I wasn’t feeling so great, but we still wanted to get out and do something. I’m so glad we did!

The walk to the movie theater was just gorgeous – basically all through Greenwich Park, which popped us out into an area that we hadn’t yet explored. The movie theater was an independent “picture house” so it was super cute. And the chairs were like giant recliners – way more comfortable than regular movie seats. We saw “Rush” and I actually really liked it!

Afterwards we walked around downtown Greenwich and it is just a classic cute little London neighborhood. It’s also right along the water. We ended up eatign dinner at Bryon Proper Hamburger. I had a portobello muchroom burger and it was one of the best thigns I have ever put in my mouth. I love how, no matter where you go to eat, if you order tea – it is served properly. Even at a burger joint. Tea cup, saucer, lovely tea pot, etc.

Bill actually had airbnb guests that night, but was nice enough to let us “couch surf” on his comfy sectional sofa in the living room

Day 30

Ugh. Today I woke up and was so sick I couldn’t get off the couch. My boyfriend took care of me all day. We stayed inside the house all day and I drank tea and soup and slept and that all I could manage. Bleh.


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