Leaving Germany

Day 28 Saturday, October 5th Germany

Today it rained all day long, so it made for a super lovely relaxing Saturday at home with our hosts. At one point, we ventured out into the rain for cake and coffee.

Around 6 it was time to leave for the airport as it was two hours away from there house. Our hosts even packed us a lunch for the flight! They are just the nicest people ever. Our flight back to London was uneventful – -we definitely have the Ryanair thing down – we were first in line! Ryanair is sort of like a cult. You can obviously tell who has flown with them before and who has not. It’s pretty funny.

We got into London, hopped on a train and headed to our airbnb hosts place for the night.

It ended up being one of the strangest places we stayed. The hosts themselves were really nice, but the place was very strange. It was a tiny little house with 4 “cabins” in the backyard. The cabins were just planks of wood held together by little L-brackets, and strange frosted plexiglass for windows. The whole operation was run like a hostel and everyone shared one teeny tiny bathroom. It’s funny because all of that is fine and dandy – but you should be up front about that in your ad. And these people were not. So it was super misleading. But thankfully it was only for one night šŸ™‚


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