Tea Salons & $14 McDonald’s breakfast

Day 24 Tuesday, October 1st Stockholm

This morning we got up ass early and boarded our train for Stockholm. The dollar is so weak here – we got breakfast at McDonalds and it cost the equivalent of $14. Crazy, right?

Our train was super swank. It looked like a train car out of an IKEA catalog. Even the bathroom was super nice. The ride over was beautiful:


We went to our couch surfer’s house to drop off our bags and her place was so cute:


Then we went into town to go to a tea salon that we read about in a magazine. It is located within a super swanky interior design shop. I fucking loved it. And it was one of the best afternoon teas we’ve ever had. On the bottom was dark rye toast topped with mayo, shrimp, hard boiled egg, fennel and lemon juice. That was one of the best things ever. In the middle were two hot out of the oven scones with lemon curd. And on top were three petit fours: dark chocolate & ginger, pistachio, and ginger merengue. And thanks to our weak ass dollar, it was only $72!



Afterwards we walked around Stockholm and it was one of the most beautiful cities we’ve seen. Very surprising. We were so glad we were there since Stockholm had been a super last minute add on. We were just enchanted walking around. So lovely.


Then we headed home and hung out with our host, Sarah, and had the best time ever. She is super fantastic and was so helpful. She even slept on the couch and gave us her bed.


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